Holcomb Weddings & Events

I am so excited to reveal the new Holcomb Weddings & Events brand! Working with Callie has been amazing. Being in the wedding industry, Callie sees a lot of trends and wanted something very classic and elegant in her brand refresh. We chose a natural color palette with a pop of gold. 

Clarity on Fire

I am so excited about this new project I've been working on for Clarity on Fire: Passion, Inspiration & Coaching. Rachel and Kristen are incredibly talented coaches and have helped me grow so much over the past year.

Clarity on Fire

Samantha Madeo Graphic Design

After years of designing my personal logo over and over again, and never being quite satisfied, I've decided to finally go through the entire branding process with myself and create a brand that reflects my style as a designer. I am inspired by soft, neutral colors, comfy and warm settings, and beautiful outdoor landscapes. I love experimenting and working with new design trends, and as I continue to evolve as a designer, I aim to keep this simple design aesthetic in mind with all projects that I work on.