How To Choose The Right Brand Designer For You

How To Choose The Right Brand Designer For You | Branding Tip | Samantha Madeo Design

Are you ready to hire a professional designer? This is an exciting time for you and your business. Now, it’s time to choose the right designer. You’re likely making a big investment, so it’s important that you find someone you trust and enjoy working with. There are tons of talented designers, each with their own aesthetic, process, communication style, and personality. Finding the right designer for you will result in a smooth, inspiring time together and you’ll ultimately be excited about your end results!

So, how do you make sure you’re choosing the right designer? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself about a potential designer:

1) Do I like her portfolio?

Most designers have a portfolio of past projects on their website and social media. Take some time to look through her work and see if her style matches with what you are looking for. Most designers have a unique style, so you should be able to find one that matches with your own.

2) Does she have a process?

This is a big one. Some designers share an overview of their process on their website, and some you’ll have to get on a consultation call to learn a bit more. Either way is fine, just make sure that it does come up in conversation at some point. Leaving some space for creativity is good, but you want to be sure that your designer communicates in a way that works for you.

3) Do I like what she’s saying?

Does this designer share her ideas and approach to design? This is about trusting your gut. Read her blogs, watch her videos, scroll through her instagram feed to get a feel for her and always get on a call before hiring a designer.

4) Is she excited about my project?

This question will come after you’ve had your consultation call. Ask yourself if this designer seemed excited and inspired by your project. A lot of designers love what they do and would do it for free, especially the projects that excite them. You’ll likely end up with amazing results if she’s inspired and excited by your project.

5) What exactly am I getting for my money?

Make sure you are clear on what’s included in your design package for the cost. A lot of designers have packaged services that you can add additional items to, so just be sure you will receive a contract that lists out all deliverables that you are expecting. If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask!

With these questions in mind, you’re ready to get out there and find your dream designer! Have you worked with a designer before? What other questions did you find helpful to ask?

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