5 Reasons Why You Need A Website For Your Business

Does my business need a website? Can’t I just use social media? Social media is an incredible tool for sharing your message and connecting with people all over the world. Even if you’ve been able to grow your business using social media -- if you want to build a strong, trustworthy brand, you must have a website!

Your website doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be simple and effective. Taking the time to create a strategic, clear website can save you hours and set your business up for long term success. Read on for a few more reasons why you need a website for your business.

1. You’re not dependent on social media

Social media is used as a marketing tool, not as the home for your business. Social media is changing constantly. When you have your own strategic website, you control your content and your message. As trends and algorithms change, you aren’t dependant on constantly learning how to stay ahead on instagram. Social media will be used as a tool, not as the only place people go to learn about your business online.

2. Professionally display your services

Having your services clearly explained on your website makes it easier for potential clients to find you and hire you. If someone misses a post about your services, they need somewhere to go and learn about how you can help them.

3. A website can streamline your business

Your website can serve as a hub for everything within your business. If you have multiple services, courses, and products, they can all live in one place and be easy for people to find.

4. It builds trust and credibility

Anyone can easily set up an instagram or facebook account, having a website sets you apart as a professional, trustworthy business. People will only buy from you after they trust you. Showing up consistently and being found easily online will show you are a credible business.

5. Save yourself and prospective clients time

Your website can answer general questions that you get a lot. Rather than going back and forth over Facebook messenger, your potential clients can go straight to your website to get their questions answered.

Does your business have a website? If you’re just getting started, sign up with an easy to use platform like Squarespace or Wix. If you already have a website, but aren’t seeing much results or aren’t sure where to start, I’d love to talk! Schedule a free 30 minute consultation call to see if a new website can help you reach your goals!

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