How To Build A Cohesive Instagram Feed

How To Build A Cohesive Instagram Feed

Keeping your visual brand consistent through all of the platforms you’re using helps create trust and consistency. If a potential client is scrolling through your instagram feed, you want to be sure that when they visit your blog or homepage, they feel like they’re experiencing the same brand. If you’re creating your own graphics for Instagram, here are some tips on designing graphics that look professional, polished, and create a cohesive feed.

1) Build templates

Starting out with 3-5 templates will help you save time and keep you on brand. Try building a few templates based on the type of content you share most often. You can create templates for quotes, blog posts, tips, and testimonials, just to name a few.

2) Choose simple fonts

Using 1-3 fonts is a good way to keep your design looking professional and clutter free. If you have branded fonts, you can stick with those. If not, try choosing a couple that match the look and feel of your brand and be consistent. I recommend choosing fonts that complement your logo rather than using the same font. Try pairing a bold sans serif with a thin serif for a clean, modern look. Or mix a handwritten script with a clean sans serif for a fun, trendy vibe.

3) Use white space

Instead of letting your text get close to the edge, try leaving as much white space as possible. This makes the text easier to read and your design will feel less cluttered. Also, don’t be afraid to mix in some plain text on lighter backgrounds. This will build in some white space to your overall feed and creates a more open, clean look.

4) Be consistent

You don’t have to use the exact same template for each post, but start building some consistency. Using similar images, colors, and fonts will give you a cohesive polished look. Try to keep at least one of these elements consistent throughout your posts.

5) Have fun

Don’t be scared to throw something in that might feel a little off brand occasionally. If you want to try a textured background or an image that’s out of your typical style, keep the fonts consistent or try a colored overlay. Ultimately you want your graphics to feel like they belong to the same family, not be duplicates of the same thing.

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