Moodboard Monday: Daring & Bold

It’s moodboard Monday! Join me here every other Monday to explore a new moodboard, which is one of my favorite parts of the branding process. It’s the piece that gives life to the feelings and sensations you want to evoke when someone experiences your brand. When you stir up those genuine feelings, you prime your ideal client or customer to resonate with what you have to offer, even if they haven’t read a word about you yet.

Let’s jump into this week’s moodboard! This board is daring, bold, and luxurious. The black and white color palette create high contrast and pair with a bright coral pink to add a dramatic pop. This is palette feels high energy and would work well for a high end brand that wants to be simple and distinctive.


The kind of brand or business I envision using this moodboard: I can see this board working perfectly for a makeup brand or maybe a party planner.

The feelings I wanted to evoke in this moodboard: luxurious, high end, and energetic

What feelings does this bring up for you? What kind of brand could you imagine this moodboard being perfect for? Leave a comment to let me know!

And if you’re ready to start crafting your own brand -- starting with the perfect moodboard -- I’m booking new clients and would love to meet you! Learn more about how we can work together here.